Our School

Our School

St Bernadette’s is on attractive grounds in Hei Hei Road, Hornby, Christchurch.

We have 7 well appointed classrooms. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards, data projectors, digital cameras and access to a pod of laptops.

Our library is an inviting place to visit. Here exciting murals, displays of children’s work and a large selection of books spark children’s imaginations.

St Bernadette’s School was opened on the 4th February 1962 by the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy are an order founded 1831 in Ireland by Catherine McAuley. The Sisters of Mercy have a convent in Hornby. The story of the Sisters of Mercy in NZ largely follows the pattern of European settlement from 1850-1900 with Congregations founded in Auckland 1850, Wellington 1861, Hokitika (to become Christchurch) 1878, and Dunedin 1897.

St Bernadette’s School is a Parish School established in 1962 by the

Sisters of Mercy.

St Bernadette’s School grounds offer a court area and large playing fields. Students are provided with safe, age specific playgrounds to play on. Children are also able to challenge their physical skills on our fitness course.

The Parish Church and Hall allows us many opportunities to come together and celebrate our Faith and achievements.