Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


At St Bernadette’s we believe that children learn best in a safe, happy and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to develop a range of 21st century skills and strategies.


We care for our children.

- Gospel values are taught and practised.

- The staff at St Bernadette’s provide role models.

- All children are known by name.

- There is a warm welcoming environment. Visitors are greeted by children and staff.

- Children play happily in a warm caring environment.

- There is peer support available for all students.

- Parents are involved in our classrooms.

- Children are well mannered and wear their uniform with pride.

- Children are on task, work co-operatively and are willing to share.

The learning environment is interesting and exciting.

- Our classrooms are colourful, tidy and clean.

- Displays of children’s work are current and neatly displayed.

- Learning outcomes are displayed.

- Children have access to a wide range of resources.

- The teacher’s role is that of teacher and facilitator.

There is explicit teaching of 21st century skills and strategies.

- A range of 21st century skills and strategies have been identified.

- There is a school-wide cyclical approach to the teaching of these skills and strategies.

- All staff participate in professional development that develops their ability to teach these skills and strategies.

- The performance management system is linked to the development of these skills and strategies.

- The budget prioritises professional development and I.C.T. tools for staff and children.

- Opportunities are provided for the community to experience, learn and celebrate the learning of these skills and strategies.