Learning Areas

Religious Education is taught as part of the schools’ special character.

The 8 learning areas from the New Zealand Curriculum listed below, are broad groupings of knowledge that provide the framework for learning.

• English

• Mathematics and Statistics

• Science

• Social Sciences

• Arts

• Health and Physical Education

• Technology

• Learning Languages

Key Competencies

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies of:


Using language, symbols, and texts

Managing self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing

While the New Zealand curriculum sets the national direction for learning for all students, St Bernadette’s School has designed and implemented its own curriculum to engage and motivate its own particular students. In the process of establishing this curriculum, the school staff, board of trustees and community have worked closely together. This curriculum reflects the values and beliefs of the community, particular needs and interests of our students, and the strengths of the staff. It builds on existing good practice and utilises local opportunities, resources and community support. Within our curriculum there is an emphasis on the areas of Literacy and Numeracy this ensures that your child gets off to an excellent start in these important areas of learning.

The other Curriculum Learning areas are taught through our Inquiry/Integrated Topic programme. This style of delivery places an emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy, and also allows children to explore other areas of learning in-depth through our Inquiry model.

Extra Curricular

Children at St Bernadette’s have a variety of opportunities to develop leadership, cultural, social and sporting skills. Opportunities to develop these skills include the following:

Students of all levels can be involved in:

  • School Council
  • Leading Assembly
  • Garden Club
  • Violin Lessons
  • Choir
  • Young Vinnies
  • Cultural Group

Additional opportunities for Yr 5-8 Students:

  • Student Leadership
  • Catholic Schools Sports Tournament
  • School Camp
  • Hornby Winter Sports Tournament
  • Year 7 and 8 Technology