Church Information


Mass times

Saturday 6.30pm St Bernadette's Hornby

Sunday 8.30am St Joseph's Darfield

Sunday 9.00am St Bernadette's Hornby

Sunday 10.30am St Bernadette's Hornby

Mission Statement

The community of St Bernadette’s School, working in partnership within a caring Catholic environment, will provide our children with a well balanced Catholic Education, effectively meeting their learning needs and developing sound personal qualities.

Core Beliefs

At St Bernadette’s we strive to educate our students within an atmosphere of Christ’s love, and this is central to all we do in the school. The school encourages the students to grow in faith in preparation for their life in the wider community. The school values close links with the parish and is committed to the parents and caregivers and community.

Special Character Goal

That St Bernadette’s will be a community where gospel values are central, where faith is nourished, and where Christian celebration in the Catholic tradition is highly valued. Religious Education is integrated into the total life of the school. Special Character is evident in our daily classroom prayer, at the celebration of the Sacraments, assemblies, and the staff life of the school. Parish based sacramental programmes involves parents, school and parish in a meaningful way. A Family-Whanau Booklet to assist parents with following up school programmes in religious education is a requirement and is purchased at the school office when children enter the school.

Attendance Dues

All Catholic Schools charge Attendance Dues which are a legally binding charge on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic School. This is payable, unless in special circumstances, the charge has been waived by the Proprietor of the school for specific issues associated with a family. In the Christchurch Diocese the Attendance Due charge is $57.50 per term for each child. The account is sent out early at the beginning of each term, from the parish, and should be paid to the Parish.

Attendance Dues are authorised under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act and are used to pay for costs associated with the land and buildings for the Catholic Primary Schools in the Diocese. At the same time as the first term’s Attendance Dues account is sent out, the Catholic Education Office requests parents and caregivers to pay a contribution for Religious Education costs. This contribution, which is a donation, is set at $10 per term and is included in the Attendance Dues Fees. This money is used to assist the Catholic Education Office in their advisory work for Catholic Primary schools throughout the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

Where a parent has four or more children at a Catholic Primary School their attendance dues invoice will be for three children only, ie. The fourth child, and any further children, will not be charged for attendance dues.